Can you imagine the impact of 2,016 individuals giving just $10 a month to Fruitland Baptist Bible College? While the monthly amount may seem small, the actual benefit to Fruitland is $241,920 in a year. When you join OPERATION2016 at Fruitland, you are helping to keep tuition cost affordable, to provide scholarships to students in need, to retire the debt on the Kenneth Ridings Preaching Chapel, and to enable Fruitland to train ministers and missionaries who will advance the gospel around the globe. As you can see, your small gift to Fruitland can make a large impact!


     In addition to giving $10 a month, we are asking participants in OPERATION2016 to pray for Fruitland ten times each month. Those times can be in private devotional time, in a Sunday School class, during a prayer meeting, or even in a worship service. Can you envision the impact of 214,920 prayers that are offered up for Fruitland over the next year? Christians never stand stronger than when we are on our knees in sincere prayer!  We know that the power of prayer will keep our students, pastors, professors, staff and others faithful to the mission of equipping Christian leaders for the 21st century!


 God Bless you for your gift and prayer support!

Rev. Jason N. Speier, Dir. of Institutional Advancement