A Letter from Steve Scoggins

Dear Friends of Fruitland,

I am so grateful for your love and support for Fruitland Baptist Bible College.  Once you have been a part of Fruitland, it stays in your heart forever.

I have felt you needed to know that our Fruitland is facing a challenge at this moment.  We keep our tuition very low so those who otherwise might not be able to be trained for the ministry might be able to come here.  We have a very small full-time work force at the school.  I, along with several other professors, out of love for Fruitland, have chosen to teach here without pay.  We don’t have wealthy alumni who can give to our school.  Most of our graduates pastor small churches.

You may have heard about the short fall in the Cooperative Program budget for the state convention.  All of the ministries of the NC Convention have had to share in the sacrifice that entails. If the current trend continues, Fruitland will receive approximately $35,000 less in Cooperative Program money than was budgeted for 2019. Because of the responsible leadership we have, we are not spending more than we are taking in, but every worker on campus has taken on extra duties.  This particular burden is causing a strain on our important work.

Knowing the challenge of this moment, I have felt led of the Lord to donate $1,000 from my own personal bank account. I would love to encourage everyone who can give, to give something extra at this moment to Fruitland.  You may only be able to give a small amount, but your giving will make a difference.

I pray that there will be a turnaround in the support of our important Cooperative Program. I pray that God will send us even more students in the future. Fruitland has touched too many lives and is too key to the work of the kingdom for us not to rally to its aid when it is in need. Thank you for being willing to pray and give so that our work can stay strong.

Steve Scoggins
Pastor, Hendersonville First Baptist Church
Professor of New Testament and Church History, Fruitland Baptist Bible College

President, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina

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