A Message from Dr. Greg Mathis

​I have been privileged to teach at Fruitland Baptist Bible College for over forty years. During that time I’ve met many wonderful students whom God has called to serve in a variety of ministries. Many have become pastors, worship leaders, missionaries, educators, youth directors, counselors, professors, authors and laymen who served our Lord faithfully. They often say that the education they received at Fruitland was exactly the beginning which they needed. For 75 years many Pastors and parents continue to guide their youth to begin their educational journey by strongly recommending Fruitland’s two-year curriculum. Fruitland solidifies their spiritual foundation and prepares them to excel as they continue their education. Many college recruiters regularly visit our campus to persuade our students to consider their universities. They each echo a similar sentiment about our students. They say, “Fruitland graduates make the best students because they are well-trained, serious in their spiritual walk and disciplined in their studies.” Under Dr. David Horton’s leadership, Fruitland exemplifies a spiritual passion for preaching the gospel while exercising academic excellence! Dr. Thad Dowdle once described it as, “scholarship on fire for the Lord Jesus!” We embrace that description!

Fruitland deserves the continued support of North Carolina Baptists. I am not aware of another school where our young people can receive a better quality academic education with a more solid Christian world-view. I also don’t know where parents can find a better priced tuition for their children. The cost per-year at Fruitland is approximately one-fourth of other colleges and universities. Most parents can benefit from that savings especially knowing what their young people receive while at Fruitland. Their decision to send them to Fruitland presents them with lots of options for their young people to complete their college degree. One option is our new partnership with Southeastern Seminary where Fruitland students have the option to earn a Bachelor’s degree right here on the Fruitland campus.
Fruitland Bible College is able to offer this affordable educational opportunity available to students because of the faithful financial support from friends and alumni who support Fruitland individually and collectively in their churches. Thank you for your support and thank you to the churches who each year take up a special offering on the third Sunday in July​ or on any Sunday that works for your congregation (before December 31, 2021)​. Your continued support truly makes the difference!
Dr. Tom Cannidy, a recently retired life-long missionary with the IMB in Honduras said, “As I reflect on many years of ministry as a missionary it was my time spent at Fruitland that prepared and shaped me spiritually for God’s call on my life!” I pray that you will help us continue to lay the solid, spiritual foundation for years to come as God calls our young people to give their lives for the cause of Christ! While we believe there are many wonderful opportunities for our young people to finish their education, we still believe their best option is to begin their educational journey at Fruitland! Thank you for helping us keep Fruitland a viable option for the future!
Dr. Greg Mathis
Senior Pastor
Mud Creek Baptist Church
Hendersonville, NC

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