A Word of Thanks

In January of this year, none of us were really thinking about Covid 19. That just wasn’t on our radar screen at all. But come the month of March, there we were right in the midst of it and have been ever since. It has presented some unique challenges for churches, families, and individuals and also for Fruitland Baptist Bible College. But I’m here to share some really good news with you today. Because of your faithfulness in giving, Fruitland is operating in the black right now and we anticipate ending the year in the black with your continued financial support.

Earlier in this year a plea was made to alumni and to churches to support Fruitland and perhaps have a Fruitland Day or take a special offering for Fruitland. You have responded in such a way that the line item in our budget for churches and contributions, that line item is 200% above where we were last year at this time. So from the heart of this president, there’s a lot of gratefulness that I share today, a lot of gratitude. Thank you for what you’ve done.

And, as we move through 2020 on into 2021, would you still consider including Fruitland in your church budget or making individual contributions, or receiving a special offering? With declining co-operative program receipts that the state convention is experiencing and the SBC is experiencing, that means that less money is coming to Fruitland through that avenue. But this year, our churches have risen to the occasion and you’ve certainly helped in a tremendous way that has allowed us to operate in the black. Thank you for what you’ve done, thank you for your prayers, for sending students our way. We look forward to your continued support. May God bless you in these difficult and yet glorious days!

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