Full-Time Associate Pastor of Student Ministry, Madisonville, KY

Grapevine Baptist Church

Proposed – Associate Pastor of Student Ministry

(Revised May 2023)

The Student Minister of Grapevine Baptist Church should be:
• A Christian with a growing relationship with Jesus Christ
• A mature individual
• Teachable with a desire to learn and grow as a person and leader
• A Calling, not a career. Called to Student Ministry – long term commitment.
• Experienced Student Minister
• Prefer College Degree with a major or minor in Ministry.
• A Southern Baptist in Doctrine and Theologically Conservative
• Married with supportive wife
• Self-disciplined and self-motivated
• Team Player- work well with others
• Understand today’s youth culture
• Good verbal and communication skills
• Media Technology experience
The Student Minister is responsible to the Pastor to:

1. Plan, develop, and accomplish a balanced program for students involving
grades 6 through 12 in evangelism, discipleship, ministry, worship,
fellowship, etc.
2. Set a vision for the student ministry.
3. Involve students in outreach, ministry and mission opportunities.
4. Involve students in the overall ministry of the church.
5. Connect with students in the community, school lunch, sporting events,
6. Connect with parents involving them in the overall student ministry –
keeping them informed, via regular contact and available as a resource
7. Lead regular leadership meetings involving youth leaders, Sunday School
Youth Department; Youth Committee, etc.
8. Enlist a balance of men and women youth leaders through nominating
9. Provide leadership development of students and workers to expand the
student ministry.
10. Provide training opportunities through the church at the local, state, or
national levels.
11. Network with Youth Workers in the Little Bethel Baptist Association and
12. Draw up a yearly Student Ministry BUDGET and work within that budget.
13. Assist and serve as a resource person to Children’s Ministry.
14. Perform other duties as assigned by the Pastor.


For inquiries or to submit a resume please contact Nancy Wilson at:


(270) 821-5117

Grapevine Baptist Church
85 Sandcut Road
Madisonville, Ky. 42431

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