Fruitland Baptist Bible College is devoted to training Christians who faithfully teach the Bible in every walk of life. Sunday School teachers, pastors, small-group leaders, and those who are dedicated to making disciples are important in a local church. In order to facilitate those interested in teaching the Scriptures and making disciples, Fruitland Baptist Bible College is now offering four Biblical Teaching Certificates. The Biblical Teaching Certificates allow those who may not want to finish the entire degree but to get training in the area of Biblical studies. These certificates are designed for anyone (Pastor or church member) who desires to communicate efficiently, to teach effectively, to learn more about the Bible, and study the basics of Apologetics. All of the courses are transferable to the Religion/Church Ministry Degree. This allows anyone to complete Religion/Church Ministry Degree any time they choose to pursue further classwork beyond the certificate level.

The first certificate is foundational and is called the “Biblical Teaching Certificate I.” The student will take four Bible Survey courses flowed by four more Bible courses which take students deeper into the Old and New Testaments.

The Biblical Teaching Certificate II courses give a survey of systematic theology. Two more courses centered around the Doctrine of Christ and the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit round out the theological courses in the Biblical Teaching Certificate II. Two courses in the fundamentals of Biblical Research and two courses in Biblical Counseling compete this certificate

The Biblical Teaching Certificate III focuses on communication of the Scriptures. Hermeneutics (Biblical Interpretation), Homiletics, and Christian Education are the classes which are offered at this level. These courses will help students become clear and efficient communicators and teachers of the Bible.

The fourth certificate is the Biblical/Apologetics Teaching Certificate. These course will help students understand the fundamental issues in apologetics. Western Civilization and Church History courses will allow students to understand apologetics and apologists throughout history within the historical context.

Cost for classes are the standard cost for individual classes on the main campus as well as books and the technology fee. Click here for more info.

Biblical Teaching Certificate I
a. Old Testament 101
b. Old Testament 102
c. New Testament 101
d. New Testament 102
e. New Testament 201
f. Old Testament 202
g. Old Testament 201
h. New Testament 202

Biblical Teaching Certificate II
a. Theology 101
b. Theology 102
c. Research 101
d. Research 102
e. Counseling 401
f. Counseling 402
g. Person & Ministry of Christ 401
h. Per. & Min. of the Holy Spirit 402

Biblical Teaching Certificate III
a. Homiletics 101
b. Homiletics 102
c. Homiletics 201
d. Homiletics 202
e. Hermeneutics 301
f. Hermeneutics 302
g. Christian Ed. 401
h. Christian Ed. 402

Biblical/Apologetics Teaching Certificate IV
a. Western Civ. 201
b. Western Civ. 202
c. Christian Ethics 301
d. Christian Ethics 302
e. Church History 301
f. Church History 302
g. Apologetics 401
h. Apologetics 402