A Letter from Steve Scoggins

Dear Friends of Fruitland, Anyone connected with Fruitland knows what a unique and strategic place Fruitland Baptist Bible College has in the kingdom of God! Its students are a mixture of those right out of High School along side those who are called into the ministry in the middle of their lives. Fruitland is unashamedly […]

A Letter from Steve Scoggins

Dear Friends of Fruitland, I am so grateful for your love and support for Fruitland Baptist Bible College.  Once you have been a part of Fruitland, it stays in your heart forever. I have felt you needed to know that our Fruitland is facing a challenge at this moment.  We keep our tuition very low […]

Founders Day 2019

Founder’s Day 2019 is near, Tuesday May 7 and promises to be a great time of preaching and fellowship with Don McCutcheon and Herb Reavis. Remember we get started at 10AM and eat lunch together in the cafeteria when the preaching is over. Church groups are welcome but we ask that you let us know […]

Dedication of the Wyatt-Jarrett Family Apartments

You are invited to attend a dedication ceremony for the Wyatt-Jarrett Apartments on Monday, May 7, at 12 noon. The dedication ceremony will be held at the site of the apartments (directly across the street from the student dorms), and a luncheon for all guests will be held in the cafeteria following the ceremony. The Wyatt-Jarrett Apartments […]

Alumni Day 2016 – October 11

Join us Tuesday, October 11, at 10:00 am for the 2016 Alumni Day with guest speakers: Dr. Jim Shaddix and Dr. Jerry Vines. Lunch will be provided free of charge at the conclusion of chapel. Invite your family, friends and church members to enjoy this special time of worship and fellowship. We also invite you on Wednesday, October 12 9:50am […]

Cooperative Program video highlights Fruitland

“Thank you North Carolina Baptists for all your support and everything you’ve done for me personally” –Fruitland student Jade Bender “I have been told by a number of our alumni who have even gone on to receive doctorates that if they could trade-in every degree they have and only keep one they would keep the Fruitland degree” -President […]