Dormitory Residents

Men’s single housing is the L-shaped dormitory building behind the cafeteria.

Women’s single housing is spread among several duplex-style houses along Gilliam Road.

New students receive their room assignments during New Student Orientation on the Monday before classes begin. Room assignments will be posted near the dorm entrances and the student dorm representative is available to assist new students.

Each room is furnished with two single beds, desks, bookcases, chairs and a private bath. Dormitory residents should bring:

  • Sheets, blanket and bedspread for a single bed
  • Pillow and pillowcase
  • Towels and washcloths
  • Personal toiletries
  • Desk lamp


The men’s dormitory includes shared kitchen, laundry room, and recreation rooms.

The women’s apartments include private kitchens, living rooms, and shared laundry access.


New residents will receive more information about dormitory life in the mail. Administration expects each student to behave as a Christian, to follow all guidelines and to cooperate with the student dormitory representative. Violating guidelines is considered grounds for suspension or expulsion.


Married Housing

Married housing is located in the farther end of the main dormitory building. These are 1 bedroom apartment style including complete kitchen with appliances, walk-in closet, full bath, and ample living space. Read below on the requirements and agreements for married and family housing.


Family Housing

There are several variations of family housing located within walking distance to  campus, including triplexes apartments, quadplexes apartments, and single family homes to accommodate various family sizes.

Students must be enrolled full-time (two courses, four days each week) to qualify for campus family housing. A housing application must submitted to the Business Office. The applicant will be eligible for housing after approval from the admissions office. Upon admission as a student at Fruitland, requests for family housing are placed on a waiting list. Make sure you received notice of available housing by mail or phone before planning your move.

Moving in to campus family housing are requires a reservation and payment of a damage deposit of one month’s rent. Payment of the deposit is required upon notification by the College that housing has been reserved. If a student’s plans change, a full refund of the deposit would be made as late as two weeks prior to start of the quarter. After that date a refund will not be made without the president’s approval.

Contact the Business Office for information about appliances.

Students are asked to give notice before vacating housing with the form available in the Business Office. When a student is no longer enrolled as a full-time student campus housing must be vacated within three days to allow preparation for the next student.  Administration reserves the right to take possession of any campus housing at any time.