Lead Pastor, Walterboro, S.C.

Black Creek Baptist Church is looking for a Lead Pastor.

The Pastor for Black Creek Baptist Church will be a person who is called, ordained, and set apart by God to the gospel ministry, biblically grounded and evangelical in theology and is committed to loving, living and serving in a manner consistent with the standards set forth in scripture for Pastors and Elders. The Pastor will be one who exemplifies godly character and leadership; person of great vision, whose heart is burdened for lost souls, compassionate in recognizing and meeting the needs of others and demonstrates a high level of excellence and competency.

Ministry Purpose: To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, to teach the biblical revelation, to engage in pastoral care, provide administrative leadership in all areas of church life and function, and conduct the ordinances and functions of worship.

Serving Relationships: The Pastor serves under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Church Body. He directly receives counsel from the Deacons who serve the congregation.

Primary Functions:

• Plan and conduct worship services, developing sermons, planning with music leadership and leads in the observance of ordinances, ministering to and teaching new Christians & new members the Baptist Faith & Message.

• Leads the congregation in effective programs to fulfill the Great Commission with vision, purpose and priority.

• Leads and demonstrates effective ways to witness and win the lost to salvation through Jesus Christ.

• Visits and ministers to members and prospective members in homes, in the community, nursing care facilities and hospitals.

• Conducts counseling sessions, performs wedding ceremonies and conducts funeral services.

• Works with Church Corporate Officers, Deacons and other key leadership to carry out the mission and purpose of the church.

• Cooperates with associational, state and denominational leaders in matters of mutual interest and concern. • Serves to recommend and advise committees and teams as an ex-officio, non-voting member.

• Communicates with the congregation through articles or announcements, written and spoken using church newsletter & social media, bulletins and worship services.

• Gives full support biblically to the Budget of the church.

• Adheres to the Church Bylaws and Policies and Procedures adopted by the church.

• Maintains a vital and wholesome personal relationship with the Lord through daily Bible study and prayer.

• Maintains proper priorities at home with his wife and children.

Education: Candidate must have completed seminary or a minimum of an Associate of Divinity or Diploma in Theology.

Professional: Candidate must be licensed and ordained as a Baptist Minister.

Level of Experience:

  • Candidate must supply a Spiritual Autobiography: The Spiritual Autobiography is made up of three small sections. Each section is a brief summary of 1) your understanding of the gospel, 2) your conversion and spiritual growth, 3) your call to ministry and reason for applying to Black Creek Baptist Church.
  • Must be able to supply a minimum of three references.

Competitive compensation and benefits package historically associated with a full time pastor’s position which includes salary, health insurance, travel expenses, and annuity benefits. Freshly renovated parsonage available in a quiet community 50 miles West of Charleston, SC and 40 miles NE of Beaufort, SC

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