Summary of Academic Policies/Guidelines

Students must be able to give a testimony of their experience in coming to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.  Students must also be approved by their pastor.
All students will be requested to complete the biographical section of the Student Application Form during the first session.
Admission to Fruitland Baptist Bible College is granted without regard to race, sex or denominational affiliation.

Students need basic skills in reading and writing.

Fruitland expects students to maintain Christian standards of conduct in honesty, finances, speech, behavior and dress.

Grading System
Academic work is evaluated on the following numerical scale and reported to the Academic Office by a letter grade:  A (95-100), B (86-94) C (76-85), D (70-75), F (below 70), I-incomplete.

Students are expected to be in attendance for every class.  Two emergency absences are permitted with makeup work.  Three absences (total of 5 four hour sessions)  will result in loss of credit.  Three tardies will equal one absence.

Students must complete all 16 courses of study with at least a “C” average and satisfy financial obligations in order to recieve  A Certificate of Christian Ministry.

The Fruitland Doctrinal Statement affirms The Baptist Faith and Message 2000.
Other concerns or questions will follow the Fruitland Baptist Bible College catalog available online.