Fruitland Christian Training Classes

July 2014 through May 2016 for Pastors, Church Staff and Lay Leaders

The Fruitland Campus meets at 9121 West Mount Drive, Rocky Mount, NC

In cooperation with the North Roanoke  Baptist Association
John Hamm-Director of Missions (252)443-3883

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Class Schedule

Class Descriptions

Academic Policies & Guidelines

Fruitland  Christian Training Classes are designed to equip pastors, church staff and lay leaders
as they respond to God’s call upon their lives for ministry in the local church.

Register for classes online or by phone (828)685-8886.

New Student Enrollment fee:  $50 (non-refundable)

Cost of Classes: $150 per class

Benefits of Fruitland Christian Training:
Christ centered, Bible-based instruction
Practical preparation for life and ministry
Dedicated, caring, qualified professors
Equipped for further study if it is God’s will
Previous academic preparation not required

Classes offered at North Roanoke Association in Rocky Mount:

  • BIB111 New Testament Survey I
  • BIB112 New Testament Survey II
  • BIB141 Old Testament Survey I
  • BIB142 Old Testament Survey II
  • PCS153 Evangelism/Discipleship
  • PCS202 Introduction to Missions, Church Planting
  • PCS251 Introduction to Christian Education
  • PCS261 Pastoral Ministries/Church Leadership
  • PCS262 Church Leadership for Health and Growth
  • GE111 Spiritual Life/Study Skills
  • GE111 English Grammar/Composition
  • GE201 Church History/World Religions
  • GE202 Homiletics
  • GE301CM Interpersonal Relationships/Team Bldg.
  • TH201 Doctrine and Revelation
  • THS253 Apologetics

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Questions: call John Hamm (252) 443-3883, Fruitland (828) 685-8886 or Bill F. Mackey, (919) 219-5642.