The Dr. Kenneth Ridings Chapel at

Fruitland Baptist Bible College

In 2007, the chapel of Fruitland Baptist Bible College was expanded and renovated; it was named in honor of Dr. Kenneth Ridings, longtime homiletics professor and previous president of Fruitland. For many years, FBBC needed additional chapel space for daily chapel services, conferences, and graduations. The chapel now seats approximately 600 people and is often filled for graduation ceremonies. When construction began on the chapel, the economy was strong and FBBC was optimistic about the repayment of a 1.2 million dollar loan to the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.

In 2008, our country experienced an economic meltdown from which we have yet to fully recover. For Fruitland, this has resulted in fewer donations to the school from individuals and churches and less money coming to us from the Cooperative Program (due to the Baptist State Convention receiving less money from churches impacted negatively by the economy).  The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina has not pressured us for repayment of the loan, having granted FBBC a loan with no minimum payment or terms. We could not ask for more!

Since 2007, Fruitland has been able to pay down the loan amount to approximately $857,000 (as of April, 2013). By the end of the calendar year in 2014, we pray that the debt will be fully paid, and FBBC plans to hold a note burning ceremony with Dr. Ridings present to burn the note. The “One in a Million” campaign consists of 1,000 churches and/or individuals donating $1,000 to retire the chapel debt. Will you help us retire the debt so that Fruitland can continue to move forward with its God-ordained mission of training ministers of the Gospel?

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Lead your church to contribute $1,000 to the “One in a Million” campaign.
  • Ask your church to consider receiving a special offering for Fruitland Baptist Bible College in the month of October, 2013.
  • Consider making Fruitland Baptist Bible College a line item in your church budget this year.
  • Let us know of individuals in your church who have potential to make a substantial donation to the “One in a Million” campaign. Several large initial gifts will go a long way to inspire others in their giving efforts.

If you have questions about the campaign, please contact us at (828) 685-8886 or email Dr. J. D. Grant at [email protected] Thanks for helping us advance the work of God at Fruitland Baptist Bible College!