Rocky Mount classes are schedule around Fruitland’s 10 week Quarter System.

Summer 2014 Starting July 7, 2014
BIB111 New Testament Survey I – Dr. Hartman (This class meets 6-9:30PM on the following dates: July 16, 21 Aug 4, 18 Sept 10)
This course gives the student an understanding of the flow of the New Testament.  The gospels, the book of Acts, and Romans will be surveyed.

GE111 Spiritual Life and Study Skills – Dr. Bill Grisham (This class meets 6-9:30PM on the following dates: July 7, 28, Aug 11, 25 Sept
This course explores Biblical revelation concerning victorious Christian living, principles of spiritual growth,  practical applications of studying techniques and test taking strategies,  introduces the proper way to read and understand the theme of writing as well as the author?s intent.  (Hermeneutics- Principles and practices upon which a proper understanding of Scripture rest).

Fall 2014 Starting September 29, 2014
BIB112 New Testament Survey II
First Corinthians through Revelation are surveyed in this course; the student is made aware of the purpose and central message of each book.

GE111 English Grammar and Composition
This course is a study of the English language, grammar, punctuation and usage and the writing process and requires writing paragraph, essays and autobiography.

Winter 2015 Starting January 5, 2015
BIB141 Old Testament Survey I
This course gives the student an understanding of the flow of the Old Testament.  The books of Genesis through Psalms will be surveyed.

TH201 Doctrine and Revelation
This study includes the great doctrines of the Bible including the doctrines of God, man, salvation, sin, atonement, church, return of Christ, etc.; and Scriptures are traced to determine God?s sovereign plan in history.  (?The Baptist   Faith and Message? 2000 serves as a guide.)

Spring  2015 Starting  March 30, 2015
BIB142 Old Testament Survey II
Proverbs through Malachi are surveyed in this course.  The student is made aware of each book?s major theme and purpose.

GE202CM Homiletics
The principles and practices of effective sermon preparation and delivery will be studied.  Student sermons will be video- taped and individual instruction and guidance provided.

Summer 2015 Starting July 7, 2015
PCS153 Evangelism and Discipleship
A study of the Biblical basis of evangelism and those disciplines of the Christian life of which personal evangelism is a natural outflow.   Students will be taught how to share their faith and develop an intentional plan for evangelism and discipleship.

GE201 Church History and World Religions
This course provides a survey of the Christian Church from Apostolic times through the medieval period, reformation and to present times and a brief  look at world religions and cults.

Fall 2015 Starting September 28, 2015
PCS251 Introduction to Christian Education
This course traces the major developments in Biblical education from Old Testament days, comparing past and present influences on Christian Education.  The student is assisted in developing a personal and Biblical philosophy of Education.   It will include education for children and youth.

THS253 Apologetics
This is a study of the basis for Christian belief, a defense of the proposition that God has revealed Himself to His world, and that mankind is responsible for his response to His Revelator.  Apologetics for contemporary/doctrinal issues of concern to Christians and the church will be identified and discussed.

Winter 2015  Starting January 4, 2016
PCS261 Pastoral Ministries and Church Leadership
The role of the pastor as preacher, teacher, organizer, and administrator will be studied, such as conducting weddings, funerals, worship, and  working with church groups, church finances and stewardship, visitation and counseling , pastoral ethics, developing others, security/legal issues.  Biblical principles of leadership will be identified and discussed.

PCS262 Church Leadership for Health and Growth
Students will investigate the areas of leadership in the local church through organization and administration, vision/mission, survey of needs, determining objectives and goals, delegating authority, effective evaluation.  Based on a church health survey, students will participate in a workshop experience to develop a strategic plan for that church.

Spring  2016  Starting March 28, 2016
PCS202 Introduction to Missions and Church Planting and Growth
The course will explore and examine the history of Christian missions from AD 30 to the twentieth century.  The focus will be on how God has worked through the Holy Spirit in making known His glorious Gospel.  Students will be introduced to Biblical principles and processes of church planting and growth with application made to the post Christian culture of America.

GE301CM Interpersonal Relationships and Team Building
This course is a study of  basic principles on  how to talk and listen to people for effective communication, whether friends, family, strangers or non-Christians.  This is an important course for learning how to present the Gospel one-on-one.  StrengthsFinder (?Living With Your Strengths? by Albert L. Winseman and others) can be utilized to help students to discover their God given talents that can be developed into strengths and utilized to mobilize others to build effective ministry  teams.