Fruitland is affordable because it is funded by North Carolina Baptists. Click here to learn more about that.

Here is a list of the tuition and fees you can expect when you’re at Fruitland:

Application Fee

The Application Fee is a one-time Charge of $50.00


Books costs approximately $325 every two quarters.

Your costs for books will vary each quarter that you are at Fruitland. However, Fruitland is very conscious of keeping these costs to a minimum.

Fruitland’s book fees are a fraction of the costs of other colleges!

Contact Finance Department

If you have questions about tuition, financial matters or want to pay your bill contact Deb Williamson by email or phone (828)685-8886.

Cost for classes Part Time

While full-time students are charged “tuition,” part-time students are charged per class at the following rates:

  • Auditing a class at any campus (not receiving any credit) cost per class is $150.00
  • Main Campus/Online /Spanish Online (Cost per Class) $225.00
  • Hispanic Certification Classes (Cost per Class) $200.00

Cost for Full-Time Tuition

All fees are quarterly unless otherwise specified.

Full-time tuition (not including online classes)

  • North Carolina Baptist (full time 6-8 classes) $720.00
  • Non-Baptist/Out of State (full-time 6-8 classes) $990.00

Dormitory Rates

  • Semi-private Dormitory (dorm room and bathroom shared with another student) per quarter $350.00
  • Private Dormitory (private room and bath) per quarter $550.00
  • Dormitory Damage Deposit (One Time Charge) $100.00
  • Dormitory Door Key Deposit (One Time Charge) $ 10.00
  • Dormitory Move-in Fee (One Time Charge, non-refundable) $100
  • Student Activity Fee $25

Graduation Fee

Students pay a one-time graduation Fee $ 125.00


  • Meal Plan (Tuesday breakfast – Friday lunch) $700.00 Quarterly (No refund or transfer for meals not eaten) Required of all dorm students.
  • Individual meals (Visitors and students not on Meal Plan) $8.00

Pay Online

Fruitland students can pay their bills online with a credit or debit card.

Click here to make an online payment.

Student Activity Fee

Full-time main campus students (residence and commuters) are charged a Student Activity Fee of $25 each quarter.

Technology Fee

Main campus (residents, and commuters)  are charged a $50.00 technology fee each quarter.

Online students are charged a $100 technology fee for each quarter.

Satellites students are exempt.

Sample Costs for One Quarter*

Books (approximately every two quarters) $325

Dormitory (private) per quarter $550

Dormitory (semi-private) per quarter $350

Full-time tuition for North Carolina Baptist-Main Campus $720

Full-time tuition for non-Baptist/Out of state-Main Campus $990

Meal Plan (Tuesday breakfast – Friday lunch) $700

Student Activity Fee-Quarterly (full-time, main campus students) $25

Dorm move-in fee $100

Technology Fee-Quarterly-on-campus (only satellites are exempt) $50

Technology Fee-Quarterly-online (only satellites are exempt) $100

Sample total for one quarter based on the options above: $2045*

*This total varies according to:  actual book costs, NC Baptist vs out-of-state tuition, type of dorm room selected and other details on the left side of this page.