Fruitland is affordable because it is funded by North Carolina Baptists. Click here to learn more about that.

Here is a list of the tuition and fees you can expect when you’re at Fruitland:

Application Fee

The Application Fee is a one-time Charge of $50.00


Books costs approximately $300 every two quarters.

Your costs for books will vary each quarter that you are at Fruitland. However, Fruitland is very conscious of keeping these costs to a minimum.

Fruitland’s book fees are a fraction of the costs of other colleges!

Contact Finance Department

If you have questions about tuition, financial matters or want to pay your bill contact Deb Williamson by email [email protected] or phone (828)685-8886.

Cost for classes Part Time

While full-time students are charged “tuition,” part-time students are charged per class at the following rates:

  • Auditing a class at any campus (not receiving any credit) cost per class is $125.00
  • Day/Night Classes (Cost per Class 1-5 & over 8) $200.00
  • Online Classes (Cost per class for 1-2 classes) $250.00
  • Online Classes (Cost per class for 3 or more classes) $225.00
  • Satellite – Certification Program (Cost per class) $175.00
  • Hispanic Certification Classes (Cost per class) $175.00

Cost for Full-Time Tuition

All fees are quarterly unless otherwise specified.

Full-time tuition (not including online classes)

  • North Carolina Baptist (full-time 6-8 classes) $625.00
  • Non-Baptist/Out of State (full-time 6-8 classes) $775.00

Dormitory Rates

  • Semi-private Dormitory (dorm room and bathroom shared with another student) per quarter $300.00
  • Private Dormitory (private room and bath) per quarter $500.00
  • Dormitory Damage Deposit (One Time Charge) $100.00
  • Dormitory Door Key Deposit (One Time Charge) $ 10.00
  • Dormitory Usage F (laundry, kitchen, etc.) $ 25
  • Dormitory Move-in Fee (One Time Charge, non-refundable) $150

Graduation Fee

Students pay a one-time graduation Fee $ 95.00


  • Meal Plan (Tuesday breakfast – Friday lunch) $600.00 (No refund or transfer for meals not eaten)
  • Individual meals (Visitors and those not on Meal Plan) $6.00

Pay Online

Fruitland students can pay their bills online with a credit or debit card.

Click here to make an online payment.

Student Activity Fee

Full-time main campus students (residence and commuters) are charged a Student Activity Fee of $15 each quarter.

Technology Fee

Main campus (residence, commuters, day & night students) and online students taking 3 or more classes are charged a $60.00 technology fee each quarter. These students taking 1-2 classes are charged a $40 technology fee.

Satellites students are exempt.

Sample Costs for One Quarter*

Books (approximately every two quarters) $300

Dormitory (semi-private) per quarter $300

Full-time tuition for North Carolina Baptist $625

Meal Plan (Tuesday breakfast – Friday lunch) $600

Student Activity Fee-Quarterly (full-time, main campus students) $15

Dorm Usage Fee $25 

Technology Fee-Quarterly (only satellites are exempt) $60

Sample total for one quarter based on the options above: $1925*

*This total varies according to:  actual book costs, NC Baptist vs out-of-state tuition, type of dorm room selected and other details on the left side of this page.