Worship and Media Pastor, Cary, N.C.

Worship and Media Pastor

Overview of this position
Cary First is seeking a Worship and Media Pastor to create a worship and digital experience that honors God and moves people to have an intimate, growing relationship with Christ. Although this position’s primary role is to oversee the worship and media ministry, the employee should understand that the church staff is working together to accomplish the vision and mission of the church. This person may be asked to assist in other areas of ministry and collaborate with other staff members and lay leaders as we advance the vision and mission of Cary First.

Our ministry team at Cary First has core values that help us carry out being the best that we can be in our positions. These values are Accountable, Coachable, Communication, Excellence, Initiative, Integrity, Ownership, and Team Player.

The most important thing this person will do is to have an intimate growing relationship with Jesus Christ. This will lead them to knowing Christ and making Him known “as you center your mind’s attention and your heart’s affection on Christ.” (Bruce Leafblad)

The individual that will thrive in this position is…
Humble – Recognizes that they can do nothing on their own and actively consults
the leadership of the Holy Spirit in all their actions and efforts.
Gifted – Blessed with a natural ability from God to lead a worship experience
from a posture that praises and honors the Lord and leads those in attendance to
do the same.

Hungry – A self-starter who desires to put all their efforts into building a
ministry that is growing and striving to reach its maximum potential in service
to the Lord.
Coachable – Seeks out, accepts, and incorporates feedback from a posture of
seeking continual improvement.
Mature – Demonstrates the character traits of maturity in their walk with the
Lord in all aspects of their personal and professional life as described in
Galatians 5:22-23.


• Plan, prepare for and lead worship service in close coordination with
the Senior Pastor in a blended contemporary style.
• Lead and train the worship and A/V team in both practice and
performance. This includes discipleship, pastoral care, recruiting and
training responsibilities for these groups.
• Serve as a resource person for the traditional worship service,
providing sound, media lighting, or other assistance as needed.
• Lead and train the media team, with oversight responsibilities
including production equipment, video production, video editing,
photography, social media, and oversee website.
• Manage musical equipment and associated maintenance.
• Manage computers, sound, and video equipment used in worship.
• Manage volunteer schedules for computer, sound, and video.
• Support worship for student ministries through helping to develop
student worship talents and leadership.
• Develop and manage worship and media related budgets in
consultation with the Associate Pastor of Administration.

To apply submit resume via email to myron@caryfbc.org

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